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Just Mist Bars

Puff Bars

Just Mist Bars come in a range of tasty flavours. Made with premium liquids and grade A nicotine they have everything you need. Click below to try them now.

Lux Bars

Lux Bars

Lux Bars disposables are available in multiple flavours from Grape Ice to Pink Lemonade. They are made with premium liquids and come with class A batteries.

Elf Bars

Elf Bars

We have a wide selection of flavours of disposable Elf Bars. They are delicious and come packed with approx 550 – 600 puffs.

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We Are More Than Just a Shop!

Irelands first established vaping chain, established in 2011.

Suppliers to over 1000 stores across the UK and Ireland.

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